Bakersfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Because accidents involving pedestrians are so common, our Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers receive calls weekly. The Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Stiles can help those who may not understand their rights. Our pedestrian accident lawyers in Bakersfield have been practicing law for years and are well-versed in this area of law. We can protect your rights even when you are unable to fight on your own behalf. So don’t hesitate. Give us a call at (661) 616-9829 to schedule a consultation today! Or, if you prefer, you can always visit us at 1731 Chester Ave., Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93301-5220.

Reliable and affordable Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers are always just a quick phone call or a few clicks away. Give us a call or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to schedule a consultation today!

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Many pedestrian accidents occur where traffic flow is irregular such as near train tracks. If you or someone you know was hit by a car, the services of Kern County accident attorneys can be invaluable. A reckless driver can cause irreparable damage if they hit a pedestrian and rehabilitation can be expensive. But, filing Bakersfield pedestrian accident claims can help you get the financial resources to deal with these costs. You deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering that you’ve endured and we can help you get it. Our track record for winning cases is consistent, and we look forward to serving your interests.

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Documentation is one of the most important aspects of Bakersfield pedestrian accident claims. These documents can help you establish your case and gain compensation. The circumstances of accidents can complicate the legal process, but our Bakersfield pedestrian accident attorneys can navigate those issues. Contact one of our attorneys right away if you need consultation on your case.

Bakersfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

A reckless driver can do immense damage when they lose control of their vehicle for any reason. The laws protect pedestrians against the actions of aggressive drivers, and our crosswalk lawyers in Kern County can pursue every legal avenue available to protect the rights of pedestrians who were hit by a car. Time is an important factor in every legal case, so always keep our number in a place that is easy to remember.

When it comes to professional quality representation in a court of law, you can always rely on our team of Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers.

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